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सुरक्षा सुधार एक निरंतर यात्रा है। सुरक्षा और स्थिरता में बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है "सुरक्षित रहें, सुरक्षित सोचो"।

Safety training is essential to help train employees to think and behave safely on the job.  In the time between safety training sessions a lot can be forgotten.  One way to keep employees focused on safety is with simple, short daily safety messages.

Why use Daily Safety Messages?
Some employees come to a new job with more safety or survival sense than other employees. Regardless of past work experiences, a person coming into a new job needs to be taught your safe way of doing things.  Equally important is that all employees need to be reminded from time to time, the safe way of doing things. The long term objective of safety training is to help employees learn and implement safety on the job. Safety meetings and safety training can help ingrain the safety behavior needed for the job. Adding daily safety messages to your safety training can help bridge the time between in-depth training meetings and help employees retain what they’ve learned.

Benefits of Daily Safety Messages:
1. Reinforce the safe behaviour that is needed to do the job safely.
2. Provide safety training information, to “drive safe behaviour environment.”
3. Provide an opportunity for continuous safety review.
4. Create greater safety awareness through specific focused safety reminders.
5. Provide focus on loss prevention areas of concern.
6. Allow opportunities to give information and follow-up on new safety rules and regulations. 

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